Service will be available till 29th July, 2022. Read instruction carefully before applying

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Apply for change of institution in case you want to change your institution due to some permitted grounds.


* Service is only allowed for HS 1st Year/ 11th Passed candidates of 2021-22 batch.

* Service is available till 29th July, 2022.

* Click here to check and update Academics Section prior applying (if required).

* Application for transfer will not be considered if the institution falls within the same city/ town area except in medical ground. A medical certificate is to be submitted from competent authority.

* All subjects currently studying by the student in the present institution must needs to be available in the admission seeking institution. if any elective subjects are not available in the admission seeking/new institution then the students have to submit a declaration for not appearing the subject is mandatory. (for AHSEC Candidates).

* Once your application gets approved, you will be able to download order copy from My Profile -> My Applications section of this portal after login. Also, order copy will be sent via email address to both the institututes.

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