Growing with the vision of Digital India Programme of Govt. of India and complementing ideals of Government of Assam spearheaded by our dynamic and neoteric Honourable Chief Minister’s conviction towards social welfare by augmentation of technology which are indistinguishable to Digital India initiative to transform Assam into a technologically aware and empowered territory.

The Honourable Education Minister, a proficient emissary of Government of Assam is ably determined to carry this initiative which seeks to enhance digital literacy specially in the field of education department. His commitment in support on technological enhancement in public service by streamlining and augmenting service delivery is surely moving towards the affirmative direction in accomplishment of the visions of the state.

Matching with the above ideals, Assam Higher Secondary Education Council is moving towards taking the services online to contribute in its process of transforming itself into a flagbearer of technological preparedness and digitally aware organization. Hence, the E-Services web portal is one more step by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, Assam, into the committed digital infrastructure for the benefit of its stakeholders at large. The E-Services platform with its notable services as specified, will exhibit a comprehensive and holistic approach in the way Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, Assam, moves towards its mission & vision to uphold its dignity and the entire system of Higher Secondary Education through enhancing the quality of services and the modus operandi.

The E-Services Portal is developed under the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, Assam to allow students/other stakeholders to apply for services online as notified under AHSEC E-Services.

1. Correction of Registration Certificate
2. Issuance of Duplicate Registration Certificate
3. Issuance of Migration Certificate
4. Issuance of Duplicate Migration Certificate
5. GAP Permission for admission in HS First Year
6. Transfer of Regular students in HS 2nd Year
7. Correction of Admit Card
8. Correction of Pass Certificate
9. Correction of Marksheet
10. Issuance of Duplicate Admit Card
11. Issuance of Duplicate Pass Certificate
12. Issuance of Duplicate Marksheet

Applications Received
Application Disposed
On Progress